Kids Parties Maui 808-640-5606
Kids Parties Maui 808-640-5606
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Why Work With Us?

We offer exciting opportunities to showcase your talent as a local performer.


Join our team and become part of the authentic entertainment experience we deliver, creating magical memories for children and families in Maui. With our strong reputation and commitment to professionalism, you'll be part of a trusted company that values and supports local talent and community.


Please Note:

All New Hires Are 1099 Contracts and Are Subject to Comply With Kids Parties Maui Independent Contractor Agreements.

We provide all necessary costumes, styling, and accessories.

Unpaid Training Sessions will be implemented prior to any Character performances/appearances.

Improv Characters

  • Performer:

    • Outgoing Personality

    • Performers Mentality (Stage Presence)

  • Duties:

    • Improv/Act as close to Inspired Character​

    • Look/Depict as close to Inspired Character

    • Speak/Talk as close to Inspired Character

  • Optional:

    • Singing/Dancing​


  • Performer

    • Performers Mentality (Stage Presence)

    • Animated Body Language

  • Duties:

    • Improv/Act as close to Inspired Character​

    • (If Applicable) Speak/Talk as close to Inspired Character


  • Attendant:

    • Outgoing Personality

    • Customer Service

  • Duties:

    • Popcorn/Cotton Candy Machine​

    • Set Up/Break Down Events

    • Oversee Play Areas/Equipment


  • At least 17 Years Old

  • Must have open and flexible weekend hours

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Experience with Children

  • Dependable & Honest

  • We Do Not Accept Tardiness

    • Deducted Payment or Immediate Termination Will Be Executed

Grow Your Talent

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Kids Parties Maui 808-640-5606