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Princess Party - Maui, Hawaii

Updated: May 1, 2023

Hosting a princess-themed birthday party can be a fun and memorable experience for your child.

Here are some tips to help you plan and host a successful princess party:

1. Choose a princess theme: Decide on a specific princess theme, such as Moana, Rapunzel, or Belle, to guide your decorations, activities, and party favors.

2. Set the scene: Transform your party space with princess-themed decorations, such as elegant kids chairs, a darling picnic set up, custom backdrops and decals, balloon garlands, and themed table settings. Consider hiring Luxe Play Decor for backdrops to create a memorable photo opportunity for the children.

3. Plan princess activities: Kids Parties Maui chooses age-appropriate princess activities for the children and can customize any package to theme. Book their painting parties or build a stuffie craft for kids ages 3 and up.

4. Invite a princess performer: Hiring a princess performer can be a highlight of the party. They can provide entertainment, such as singing, dancing, and storytelling, along with themed activities.

5. Serve princess-themed food and drinks: Consider serving snacks and desserts that match the princess theme, such as a themed cake by Maui Blissful Bites, tiara-shaped cookies, pink lemonade, or tea party treats.

6. Princess makeovers: When booking a princess performer, depending on the package you choose, she will come equipped with a princess makeover station where children can get their hair, makeup, and nails done. Provide dress-up clothes, tiaras, and accessories to complete the transformation.

7. Plan for party favors: Kids Parties Maui offers themed and customizable Party Favor boxes (contents excluded).

By following these tips and hiring Kids Parties Maui, you can create a magical and memorable princess-themed party for your child and their guests. Remember to prioritize safety and keep age-appropriate activities in mind.

"Princess party entertainer dressed as a beloved fairytale character, available for hire from kids Parties Maui. Perfect for creating a magical experience for your little princess and guests at your party."
Princess on Maui - Iconic Character Entertainer

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