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Top 16 Birthday Party Themes | Ideas for Themes | Maui, Hawaii

1. Superheroes: Kids love to dress up as their favorite superheroes, so a superhero-themed party is sure to be a hit. You can decorate the party with superhero logos and images, and serve superhero-themed snacks and drinks.

2. Princesses: For little girls who love everything pink and sparkly, a princess-themed party is a perfect choice. You can decorate with castle backdrops, serve tea and cake, and have the little princesses dress up in tiaras and tutus.

3. Pirates: A pirate-themed party is a great way to get kids excited about adventure and exploration. You can have a treasure hunt, decorate with pirate flags and ships, and serve pirate-themed snacks like gold coins and gummy sharks.

4. Dinosaurs: Kids are fascinated by dinosaurs, so a dinosaur-themed party is sure to be a hit. You can decorate with dinosaur posters and cutouts, serve dinosaur-shaped snacks, and have a dinosaur egg hunt.

5. Space: For kids who love outer space and science, a space-themed party is a great choice. You can decorate with stars and planets, serve astronaut-themed snacks like freeze-dried fruit, and have a rocket-building contest.

6. Under the Sea: A party with an under the sea theme is a great way to bring the ocean to your backyard. You can decorate with sea creatures like fish and whales, serve seafood-themed snacks, and have a mermaid or shark costume contest.

7. Circus: A circus-themed party is a fun and colorful way to celebrate a child's birthday. You can decorate with circus tents and posters, serve carnival-themed snacks like popcorn and cotton candy, and have a clown or acrobat performance.

8. Sports: For kids who love playing sports, a sports-themed party is a great choice. You can decorate with sports equipment and team colors, serve sports-themed snacks, and have a mini-tournament with different sports games.

9. Wild West: A party with a Wild West theme is a great way to transport kids back in time. You can decorate with cowboy hats and boots, serve western-themed snacks like beef jerky and chili, and have a rodeo contest.

10. Fairytale: A fairytale-themed party is perfect for kids who love magical stories and creatures. You can decorate with fairytale backdrops and props, serve enchanted-themed snacks, and have a fairy or unicorn costume contest.

11. Lego: A Lego-themed party is great for kids who love building and creating. You can decorate with Lego bricks and serve Lego-themed snacks like candy blocks.

12. Animals: For kids who love animals, an animal-themed party is a great choice. You can decorate with animal posters and cutouts, serve animal-themed snacks, and have a petting zoo or animal show.

13. Art: A party with an art theme is perfect for creative kids. You can decorate with colorful paint splatters and serve art-themed snacks like paintbrush-shaped cookies.

14. Science: A science-themed party is perfect for kids who love to learn and experiment. You can decorate with science posters and equipment, serve science-themed snacks like test tube jelly and have a science experiment demonstration.

15. Harry Potter: A Harry Potter-themed party is great for fans of the series. You can decorate with wizarding props and posters, serve Harry Potter-themed snacks like pumpkin pasties, and have a wizard costume contest.

16. Cars: For kids who love cars and racing, a car-themed party is a great choice. You can decorate with car posters and models, serve car-themed snacks like tire donuts, and have a race track competition.

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