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Tweens Teens Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for tweens can be challenging, as they are at an age where they are starting to become more independent and have their own interests.

Here are some ideas for a tween birthday party:

1. Live Clue Game: Live Clue Games are a fun and challenging activity that tweens will enjoy. Kids Parties Maui has your classic themes or can create a custom theme for your tweens interests! You can book a private gram for your tween and their friends and challenge them to solve the "murder mystery" and solve the clues before time runs out.

2. VR Rental: Kids Parties Maui offers VR Rentals with basic games included. Set up and delivered to your home or venue. Wifi access necessary for equipment.

3. Movie Night Party: Whether you have a cozy indoor at home or outdoor set up, Kids Parties Maui has rentals for the best movie night experience available for a great time! From Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machines to Slumber Teepees and more!

4. DIY craft party: Kids Parties Maui can set up a DIY craft station with supplies for making jewelry, painting canvases, or creating other fun crafts.

5. Nerf Attack Party: Kids Parties Maui offers kids 8 and older a fun and exhilarating Nerf Party Rental that includes Nerf Guns, Darts, and basic battlefield inflatables.

6. Makeovers: Kids Parties Maui is able to provide basic makeovers, such as make up, hair, glitter, and nails.

These are just a few ideas for a tween birthday party when planning with Kids Parties Maui. Remember to involve your tween in the planning process and consider their interests when planning their party.

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